Newsfeed & Communication at a Coworking Space: Stream Integration Use Cases


Nobody will deny the significance of communication at a coworking space. This is the essence of the coworking space culture. Most of your members come to your center to get not only an affordable workplace but networking, support, and collaboration required for faster business growth.

I am sure you organize various events at your coworking space. They evidently help to build the community but members need to know about all these events somehow as well as get updates on workspace news. You can easily connect all your members with powerful Stream newsfeed & communication integration offered by andcards coworking space management software.

Our coworking app chooses the path of powerful best-of-breed integrations that solve any possible issue a coworking space operator might have and Stream integration is one of them. Read on and get to know what differentiates Stream from other messengers, what can you use it for, what makes it great for your members, and more.

What is Stream

Before digging deeper into the topic, let's identify what is Stream and what it does.

Stream is an advanced technology that provides enterprise-grade coworking space community feed where members can communicate. Stream allows to:

  • Share status updates in real time.
  • Attach photos to posts.
  • React to posts.
  • Receive push notifications for new posts.

Using Stream, you instantly get a scalable activity feed for in-app messaging and communication. Your branded newsfeed and communication tool looks and performs similar to the popular Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Salesforce Chatter platforms making member experience brighter and driving in-app conversion, engagement, and retention.

Some of the Stream Community Feed Features Your Members Will Enjoy:

How to Enable Stream at Your Coworking Space

Our Stream integration adds a new "Stream" button and works in-app without redirecting or requiring to install another app. To enable the integration, have your API key and secret ready:

What Makes Stream Better than Facebook Group, Slack, or WhatsApp Chat?

A lot of coworking spaces don't care much about the community feed and chat as there are so many free messaging platforms out there. They just start to use Twitter or Facebook to communicate with members.

While it may seem a good solution for you, neither Facebook nor Twitter helps in creating a solid coworking brand and its promotion. Think about that: consistency is the key to building a brand image. I mean everything your members see and interact with must reflect your corporate style and convey a brand idea.

For that reason, you opt for white label coworking space management software. If you want your members to use a branded coworking app, it's natural that the same logic should be applied to the tool for internal communication.

Here are a few solid arguments in favor of branded community feed and chat application.

Some Ideas of Using Stream to Your Coworking Space Benefit

There are many use cases of powerful Stream integration. Here is a kind of checklist for you to make sure that you didn't miss anything.

Important Things to Make Stream Great

Just like with every other means of promotion, you should use Stream wisely to preserve its initial value for members. Here are some guidelines to do it.


Seems like that's it for now. This article covered many aspects of using andcards integration with Stream newsfeed. Hope now you have a fresh view on why having your branded communication app is more beneficial than using popular platforms - WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and others.

If you have any questions about Stream and its features, you are welcome to ask them in the comments. If you are still not familiar with andcards coworking space management software and its philosophy of integrating and partnering with niche industry leaders, schedule a free demo call with us to know how we can address your workplace problems.


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