Must-have Coworking Software Integrations


It's not a question for modern coworking operators whether to use a workspace management system or not. Coworking business is getting more competitive and there is no chance for those who are using old-school paper and pen approach.

If you track the latest coworking space trends, you probably agree that automation of the common processes helps not only optimize the workflow and the expenses of a workspace but improve the quality of service and boost members' happiness.

As a rule, choosing the best coworking software solution spawns some new challenges. For instance, you need to decide what type of workspace management app would you like to use ⁠— all-inclusive vs best-of-breed or custom.

All of the above types have their pleasures and drawbacks. Here are some of the pain points of each solution to pay attention to:

The goal of this article is to list must-have coworking software integrations. All of them are offered by andcards and actively used by customers.

Coworking Software Integrations You Want to Have at Hand

First of all, when you choose best-of-breed coworking software, it doesn't mean you will need to spend time to handpick the applications for integrations. Decent vendors already provide a bunch of them.

The coolest things about coworking software offering IT integrations instead of built-in features are:

If all the above sounds obscure or abstract for you, let's take a look at andcards integrations. I am sure that our real-life example will help you connect A to B.

Why Do We Build Integrations

Building even one integration requires a certain development work. So, integration is not a result of a random choice. We need a weighty reason to start working on it.

Here are some major considerations for building an integration:

Types of Integrations

All our integrations fall under seven groups or categories according to the issues they address:

Now let's take a quick look at each category of the coworking software integrations.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Integration

The category is presented by integrations with HubSpot and Zoho.


HubSpot is a robust sales, marketing, and customer support platform.

Connecting HubSpot to your main coworking software allows to:


Zoho CRM is an advanced customer relationship management technology for sales, marketing, and support management within a single program.

Connecting Zoho CRM to andcards lets you to:

Read more about the best CRM systems for coworking spaces.

Integrations that Facilitate Bookings

Meeting room booking is one of the most common processes in the coworking space. Loosely speaking, the automation of meeting room booking is one of the primary tasks a coworking app must solve.

With andcards mobile apps, members can book meeting rooms from their smartphones from any part of the world paying for the reservation with credits or credit cards.

andcards integrations with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Calendar allow connecting a personal or work version of the calendar you are using to sync all bookings made on andcards. In other words, if you make a meeting room reservation on andcards, it will automatically appear in your calendar.

Please note that it's a poor practice to handle meeting room bookings relying on free calendars only. Read more here: Meeting Room Booking: Coworking Software vs Google Calendar.

Integrations to Process Payments

For establishing online payments, billing and invoicing at a coworking space we have the following integrations:


Stripe payments work in-app without redirecting or requiring to install another app.

Right after enabling Stripe you instantly acquire debit or credit cards inside the app. You can turn on 'Card' payment method for:

We also offer a few integrations with payment systems for local customers. For example, WayForPay for Ukraine, KakaoPay for South Korea, and Flow for Chile.

Read more about the best billing and invoicing software for coworking spaces.

Integrations for Access Control Automation

It's difficult to overestimate the benefits of access control automation at the coworking space. It enables you to extend your operating hours to 24/7 without the necessity to hire additional staff for the night shifts, to free community manager's time for interactions with tenants, and significantly improve the member experience.

We offer powerful integrations with Kisi and SALTO KS to automate access to your coworking space.

These cloud-based access control systems allow you to:

Integrations for Communication & Customer Support

Most people come to coworking spaces to become a part of something bigger, a community of like-minded individuals. The secret of community-building success lies in keeping everyone connected and informed about all the latest news, coworking space events, networking opportunities, classes, training, whatever. Another essential moment is showing each member how much you care about their needs. You can do this via customer support tools.


Stream integration adds a new "Stream" button and works in-app without redirecting or requiring to install another app.

It enables a coworking space community feed where members can communicate.


Zendesk enables you to organize customer support at your coworking space.


The integration allows synchronizing member information from Community to an audience on Mailchimp. Mailchimp platform enables you to:


Intercom adds a “Helpdesk” button to My Workspaces page. Members can use it to find help articles and chat with you. Connect Intercom to your main coworking software to:

Integrations to Automate Printing

Members expect that a coworking space will have all office utensils including printers and scanners. Smart integrations with cutting-edge printing solutions will help to put the service to the new level.


ezeep is the leading print management software for all sorts of enterprises including coworking spaces. ezeep makes printing intuitive, simple, and automated for coworking space members and guests.

The integration allows to:


Sindoh offers cloud-based office printing management solutions. Connect it to andcards to fully automate printing:

Integration to Analyze Coworking Business Productivity

The analysis is the key to informed decision making and sustainable business growth. Integration with Google Data Studio will eliminate all guesswork from your coworking marketing strategy.

Google Data Studio

Integration of Google Data Studio allows to easily access all of your andcards data through the tool. The integration enables you to:


As you see, the above integrations address all major processes you need to handle at your coworking space daily. Note that you don't pay for the features you don't use and you use only the best software solutions available in the market. What's more, the above list of integrations is not final. Our developers add more awesome stuff regularly. For instance, very soon integration with Zapier will be available for our customers.

Still have questions on how your coworking space can benefit from andcards coworking software integrations? Schedule a demo call with us!


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